MODENA VOX      The Band                  

The makings of Modena Vox began in the summer of 1998 when singer Anthony Timperman and guitarist Daniel Harris met while attending University.

What eventually became plans for the formulation of the group started with a common interest in listening to and playing music.  Much of the spirit and subject matter that is now the basis for the creative process behind Modena Vox was unknowingly being developed at that time.

Upon graduation, the two of them moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue music further.  Eventually Harris happened upon guitarist J.J. De Libera at a session with mutual friends.

After a few months of auditioning, the three of them discovered drummer Mike Savage playing with another band in a local club.  After a few discussions and drinks it was decided that he would join as well.

It was not long after that Savage brought the idea to play with bassist, Thomas Bragg, an acquaintance who he later realized he had seen and infrequently chatted with around town.  After the first session together, a certain discussion outside of Timpermanšs second story apartment, revealed that the five of them had many common interests in music, amongst other things, and Bragg  joined shortly there after. What came about is Modena Vox.

Modena Vox is a rock and roll band that loves rock and roll music.  Their influences range widely from one member to another  with a  distinct commonality being a prevailing love for the music that has been their inspiration.  The music of Modena Vox is representative of the individual style of each member and yet only came into being after each of the five had been brought together.  Theirs is a unique blend of rhythm-oriented, melodic rock and roll that tends to defy the conventional categorizing that inevitably entraps most bands.  With a desire to combine the thoughtfulness of the lyrics and the originality of the song composition with the intensity and energy of each live performance, Modena Vox intends to inspire people to believe that there is indeed new ground to be forged in the realm of rock and roll. 


        John Jason De Libera, born 03 December 1973 in Columbus, Ohio. Guitar.

                    Thomas Bryan Bragg, born 27 April 1983 in Richmond, Virginia. Bass Guitar.

                       Anthony James Timperman, born 13 June 1978 in Mansfield, Ohio. Vocals.

                    Daniel Jonathan Harris, born 03 March 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Guitar.

        Michael Andrew Savage, born 19 April 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Drums.

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